Before Sunrise Film Tour Vienna 21

SurpriseTours present: The infamous Before Sunrise movie tour!

This tourist-friendly tour is inspired by the eponymous film by Richard Linklater, 1995 (watch the trailer). The 90ies classic is shot entirely on location in Vienna, Austria. Follow the original film characters Celine and Jesse on their romantic paths through the city of Vienna. Map of locations:

Before Sunrise Film Tour Vienna

Karte wird geladen - bitte warten...

1. Westbahnhof Platform 7: 48.195768, 16.337984
2. Zollamtssteg: 48.209800, 16.384397
3. Tramway no. 43/44 Schottentor: 48.213785, 16.362135
4. Schallplattenhandlung Teuchtler \'Alt & Neu\': 48.199669, 16.357121
5. Friedhof der Namenlosen / Cemetery of the Nameless: 48.159722, 16.502643
6. Wiener Riesenrad: 48.217509, 16.396644
7. Kleines Café: 48.206587, 16.374349
8. Maria am Gestade: 48.212820, 16.370550
9. Donaukanal, Salztorbrücke: 48.214246, 16.374576
10. Arena Wien: 48.187826, 16.412870
11. Mölkersteig: 48.212244, 16.362830
12. Spittelberg: 48.203444, 16.355196
13. Café Sperl: 48.200106, 16.361299
14. Erzherzog Albrecht Statue (Albertina): 48.204561, 16.368969
15. Club Roxy: 48.198663, 16.366210
16. Wiese hinter Palais Schwarzenberg: 48.197501, 16.375472
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1. Westbahnhof Platform 7
Before Sunrise tour, station 1: WestbahnhofJesse: "So listen, this is the deal, this is what we should do. You should get off the train with me here in Vienna and come check out the town."
Europaplatz 1, 1150 Vienna, Austria
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2. Zollamtssteg
Before Sunrise tour, station 2: ZollamtsstegCeline: "This is kind of weird." - Jesse: "Yeah, this is kind of weird, isn't it? I mean, I feel a little awkward. Um... But it's alrigth, right? It's okay." - Celine: "Yeah, this is great."
Schallautzerstraße 6 (Vordere Zollamtsstraße), 1010 Vienna, Austria
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3. Tramway no. 43/44 Schottentor
Before Sunrise tour, station 3: SchottentorCeline: "What's a problem for you?"
Jesse: "You."
Universitätsring 1A, 1010 Vienna, Austria
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4. Schallplattenhandlung Teuchtler 'Alt & Neu'
Before Sunrise tour, station 4: Record store TeuchtlerSong by Kath Bloom: "Come here":
There's a wind that blows in from the north. And it says that loving takes its course. Come here. Come here." (listen on YouTube)
Windmühlgasse 10, 1060 Vienna, Austria
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5. Friedhof der Namenlosen / Cemetery of the Nameless
Before Sunrise, station 5 - cementary of the namelessCeline: "I was around the age when I first saw this. Hmm. Now I'm 10 years older and she's still 13, I guess. That's funny."
1.Molostraße (Alberner Hafen), 1110 Vienna, Austria
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6. Wiener Riesenrad
Before Sunrise tour trip, station 6: Riesenrad ViennaJesse: "We got the Ferris wheel. It seems like, um, this would be a..."
Celine: "What?"
Jesse: "Uh, you know, uh."
Celine: "Are you trying to say you want to kiss me?"
Riesenradplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria
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7. Kleines Café
Before Sunrise tour trip, station 7: Kleines CafePalmist: "You are both stars, don't forget."
Franziskanerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria
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8. Maria am Gestade
Before Sunrise trip, station 8: Maria am GestadeCeline: "Then, up there in the Ferris wheel, it was like this very old woman kissing this very young boy, right"
Salvatorgasse 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria
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9. Donaukanal, Salztorbrücke
Before Sunrise trip, station 9: Danube channelCeline: "I'm so glad because no one knows I'm here, and I don't know anyone that knows you that would tell me all those bad things you've done."
Salztorbrücke 10, 1010 Vienna, Austria
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10. Arena Wien
Before Sunrise tour trip, station 10: ArenaJesse: "People always talk about how love is this totally unselfish, giving thing, but if you think about it, you know, there's nothing more selfish."
Baumgasse 80, 1030 Vienna, Austria
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11. Mölkersteig
Before Sunrise tour, station 11: Vienna downtwon MoelkersteigCeline: "You know, I have this awful paranoid thought, that feminism was mostly invented by men, so they could, like, fool around a little more."
Mölker Steig, 1010 Vienna, Austria
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12. Spittelberg
Before Sunrise trip, Station 12: SpittelbergCeline: "We always make fun of it and stuff. But isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?"
Spittelberggasse, 1070 Vienna, Austria
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13. Café Sperl
Before Sunrise film tour, station 13: Cafe SperlJesse: "You gonna see him again?"
Celine: "We haven't talked about that yet."
Gumpendorfer Straße 11-13, 1060 Vienna, Austria
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14. Erzherzog Albrecht Statue (Albertina)
Before Sunrise, station 14: Franz Joseph StatueJesse: "I feel like this is, uh, some dream world we're in, you know."
Celine: "I think I could really fall in love, when I know everything about someone."
Albertinaplatz 1, 1010, Austria
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15. Club Roxy
Before Sunrise cinema tour, station 15: Roxy BarJesse: "I'm having kind of an odd situation here."
Operngasse 24, Vienna, Austria
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16. Wiese hinter Palais Schwarzenberg
Before Sunrise, in the park  at Hotel Palais Schwarzenberg near HochstrahbrunnenCeline: "Why do I make everything so complicated?"
Schwarzenbergplatz 9, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Instructions for the curious hipsters:

  • [SMART!] Take your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone and discover the tour in the Augmented Reality apps Wikitude or Layar. Just use the search term “Kino unter Sternen” to find the tour within those apps. You can even find the venues in the check-in apps Foursquare and Gowalla.
  • [OLDSCHOOL] You don’t care about our fancy Augmented Reality layer? Nevermind! Just follow the instructions on our city map (pdf) and visit the locations listed.

Frame below:
personal invitation card from 1995 Vienna movie premiere

Original invitation card to the Vienna cinema premiere of Before Sunrise (Frame added)

(Frame added). Transcript of the original invitation card: Austrian cinema opening premiere night of the American-Austrian co-production “Before Sunrise” on Tuesday, May 28, 1995. Following cocktail reception 22:00 by federal ministry for culture Vienna at Wappensaal Rathaus Wien. Invitation card one person only, to be presented to the concierge of the city hall.


Tourists posing as Jesse and CelineThe BeforeSunriseTour is brought to you by the team of SurpriseTours, a location-based mobile storytelling project by After Image Productions / Kino unter Sternen. Technical realisation by

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